Season 1 Episode
El amor no tiene receta 2024

El amor no tiene receta

8.40 50 minutes
Paz Roble, a kind, hard-working and honest woman from whom her husband, Fermín, takes her newborn daughter. Fermín has a large debt with some lenders and to pay it he decides to sell his daughter to Mauro Nicoliti. This plagiarism is orchestrated by Geneva, Mauro's adoptive sister. She lost her first-born daughter in childbirth and does everything to replace her dead daughter and keep her husband's fortune. On the other hand, Esteban Villa de Cortés loses his wife and becomes a widower with his three children. Elvira Moncada, Esteban's mother-in-law, holds him responsible for the death of her daughter. After a series of unexpected events, Esteban and Paz meet in the neighborhood where she lives with her family. The chemistry and great understanding that exists between them makes it inevitable that they will fall in love.


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