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Season 2 Episode
Redemption 2024


10.00 60 minutes
Orhun is a successful businessman who was raised in a wealthy but loveless family along with his twin sister Nihan,younger sister Nurşah and their cold,distant mother Afife. Nihan left to do volunteer work as a doctor in Eritrea, but recently she has been impossible to contact, and her family is worried about her. While looking for his sister, he comes across Hira, a poor girl living the life of a prisoner at the hands of traffickers. When they find out that Nihan has been poisoned and killed by a local gang, Orhun breaks down. When it emerges that it was actually Hira who poisoned his sister, Orhun hatches an evil revenge plan. Meanwhile, Afife, their mother, has kept Orhun's father away since his childhood secretly. Orhun decides to marry Hira as revenge. Afife hates people of lower status and she’s obsessed with “pure blood”. Will this marriage imprison Afife ,or will the couple find redemption after paying all their dues?


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